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The Percussion Instrument

First, let me say that our patients love this device. It actually feels rather nice, but that is not why we use it. The Percussor will actually break myofascial adhesions. This is where the myofascial filaments has actually “glued” themselves together because they have been tight and restricted on a chronic basis for some time. It is not just a electrical massager. It is designed to rapidly pulse straight down (unlike most lay massage units sold that have a circular vibration pattern) that reaches several inches deep. This deep (but also relaxing) impulses not only break up adhesions that are restricting motion, it improves blood flow to starving tissue and begins to restore the normal and necessary elastic motion of the myofascial elements. As mentioned, this is essential if optimum and longterm results are to be achieved.

The percussor is used on virtually any body part in multiple directions for a dynamic release. Most patients experience a pleasant and immediate improvement in movement on the region the Percussor is used. This instrument is use on almost every visit and allows the chiropractic and neurological changes to be even more effective.

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